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Haruki singsabout birds, and plays toy instruments to the ants gathering in his kitchen sink. Some say it's minimalistic music, he just thinks it's tiny. /// www.myspace.com/haruki9 /// Discography: Releases: - Falling (Nomadic Kids Republic), coming soon - Snowed in food shelter (Klanggold), August 2010 - Abandoned Rain (Compost And Height), May 2010 - The Land That Lies Behind Us (Hibernate Recs), March 2010 - To Humble A Nest (Thelandof), July 2009 - Haphazardly, while sitting (Corps-Morts), Oct 2008, - Bending Wood (Rain Music), April 2007 - Birds And Other Machines (Kaspar Hauser Records), Nov 2006 Remixes: - "For Times When Ears Are Sore" Yuko (Debonair), 2009 - "Rouge" Nadine Khouri (tba) - "Night Majestic" Au Revoir Simone (tba) - "Stofstuk" Machinefabriek (Machinefabriek), July 2007 - "Pentium 120" Bal des Boiteux (bdb remixes), June 2007 - "We were sparkling" My Brightest Diamond (Asthmatic Kitty), March 2007 - "Caught" Sielveen Riefman (Kaspar Hauser Records), Nov 2006 Contributions to compilations: - Error Lo-Fi recordings compilation, Error Lo-Fi, 2007 - Polyphonal, Delirious Riot Tapes, 2007 - Kaspar Hauser Ultra II Compilation, Kaspar Hauser Records, 2008 - Twinkelcadeauding, Twinkelding, August 2007 Contributions to stuff of others: - Yuko "For Times When Ears Are Sore" (Debonair), 2008. Track: "No One Here To Hug" - Numazu (Rope Swing Cities), 2008. Tracks "Trains And What's On Their Track", "Infinite Storm" - Soundtrack for "Les Invisibles" (2009), a short movie by Lennart Stuyck With other people: - Contribution to the Clyde Parker Project 2 of Monolyth & Cobalt, - Working on a couple of tracks with Derrick Hart - Working on a joint release with the wonderful Alfred Brown - Working on some tracks with the fine Jose Delhart - ... Read more on Last.fm.

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