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There are at least six artists with this name: 1. A Swedish indie group 2. A solo project of musician Jacob Janoram 3. An English pop group 4. A South African rapper 5. A Dutch musician 6. K-pop girl group 1. Swedish group jj emerged in 2009 on the Gothenburg-based record label Sincerely Yours with a particularly gratifying take on the musical preoccupations common to much of the label's roster, which includes its founders, The Tough Alliance. jj are distributed in North America by Secretly Canadian. The band consists of Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander. jj's take on neo-Balearic indie pop filters Air France's tropical haze, The Tough Alliance's penchant for slyly irreverent appropriation, and The Honeydrips' fragile twee pop melodicism into a beguilingly lush, gently electronic style, reminiscent of prime Saint Etienne with a smoother, beachier sheen. jj also share their label mates' propensity for mystery, favoring an artfully enigmatic presentation. Vocalist Elin Kastlander provides a distinguishing sonic hallmark in the form of her warm, lusciously smooth alto. jj released their debut single jj n° 1 in early 2009. A couple of months later they released their debut album jj n° 2. Their third album, jj n° 3, was released on March 9, 2010. In late 2010, jj released a mixtape called Kills. The first single from Kills, "Let Them," sampled Akon's "Right Now (Na Na Na)." The single also featured a B-side entitled "I'm The One/Money On My Mind" that samples "Intro" by The xx. Aside from their official releases, jj has also done several covers and new takes on contemporary songs. For example, they've recorded covers of Akon's "Troublemaker," Jeremih's "Birthday Sex," and the "Theme Song" for the classic 70s American tv series Welcome Back, Kotter. All of these tracks were released for free on the internet. 2. Brace yourself, North America – slosh rock is coming. Intrepid guitarist, singer and songwriter JJ Hendrix is mixing and mashing genres to concoct his own blend of musical intoxication which latches on to the listener and refuses to let go. Armed with a seemingly endless satchel of guitar solos and a knack for combining searing riffs with funky, grooving beats, this is the refreshing burst of danceable, yet imaginative rock the scene has been thirsting for. Hailing from Ontario, JJ continues to make a name for himself throughout the indie music circuit thanks to his eclectic, yet trademark sound that drips and oozes from each and every song he pens. The far majority of his creations are instrumental, allowing the music to do the talking while the listener immerses themselves into the world of slosh rock. Driven by “creativity in its pristine state,” this unique style feeds off the unbridled, rampant inspiration and experimentation embodied by JJ himself. Joined by Brad Heatherly on drums, Yeruvim Krantsky on guitar and bassist Al Finter, JJ’s Music Retaliation continues to roll on, releasing their latest single “Grunky Gillers and the Fillers” through CD Baby and other digital retailers. With influences from Jimi Hendrix, as well as the blues and rock greats of yesterday and today, the foursome continues to carve out their own niche within the industry. Serving as a small sampling of what’s to come, the single drives sole songwriter JJ to write and record for the group’s upcoming full-length album. JJ Hendrix earned his nickname from musician and producer Scott Hill of Astranova Records, who recorded with former Black Sabbath keyboardist and producer for Robert Plant, Jez Woodroffe. The pair collaborated on a well-received record Ancient Future in 2010. He released his solo debut Return Regalia in 2008, which generated thousands of plays via Spotify and Last.fm. JJ’s Music Retaliation’s new single “Grunky Gillers and the Fillers” is available to purchase through CD Baby now, as well as JJ’s full-length Return Regalia. Check him out on ReverbNation to sample some of the delectably fun slosh rock that continues to emanate from his guitar amp today. 3. JJ is the name of a 90s pop group from Salford, England, fronted by the eponymous Jan Johnston. 4. JJ aka Alcapone-JJ is a dancehall mc from Gugulethu, Cape Town. Having been introduced to African Dope Studio boss DJ Dope by fellow Gugulethu crew Chronic Clan, he was inducted into the African Dope Soundsystem project, where he shone. Following tours by the African Dope Soundsystem posse to Germany in 2005 and 2006, JJ secured a record deal in Berlin and relocated there. For up to date info including news of his album release, see JJ's Myspace page. 5. There is also a Dutch artist named JJ. He appears on the Water, Wind & Sails compilation on Dutch label WM Recordings. 6. JJ is one of the few solo singers that has been acknowledged by this prestigious producer, so many are anticipating how she’ll fare against the other girl groups she’ll be competing against. Read more on Last.fm.

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