The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me

Released: 2008   report error

The Devil, You + Me is the sixth studio album by German indie rock band The Notwist. It was released in May 2008. The first single was Where in This World, for which a promo video was released to the media. The Notwist make music that's at once impossibly personal and hugely inviting. This release is their most important and moving to date, in the band's nearly 20 year career. Markus Acher's singular voice surrounds you with all the comfort of familiarity, the euphoria of re-acquaintance. It takes a while before the words and the scale of the musical language sink in. The deluxe limited edition is a hard-bound book with full color 24-page insert.

  1. Good Lies
  2. Where In This World
  3. Gloomy Planets
  4. Alphabet
  5. The Devil, You + Me
  6. Gravity
  7. Sleep
  8. On Planet Off
  9. Boneless
  10. Hands On Us
  11. Gone Gone Gone

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