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Hallo Venray. A typical name for a rockband. It is taken from the opening words of the legendary Dutch live radio show "Los Vast", that aired from 1977 to 1990. It was a kind of road show: it was broadcasted from a different town every Saturday afternoon. Host Jan Rietman welcomed the audience of every town with the legendary phrase "Hallo [town name]". "Hallo Venray" was the one that Henk Koorn used for his band. So, the band name refers to traveling around the country and showing up in small towns. That's what rock & roll life is like ... On the other hand, it also shows that this trio has a humoristic undertone and a close bond with their crowd. No way you will find a rockstar-attitude with these guys: a mutual respect from crowd and band will prove the love for pure songs is still alive. Hollands biggest outdoor festival Pinkpop was the start of a successful period. Critics praised their dynamic sound and outstanding showmanship, as lead singer Henk Koorn showed up in hot pants and jumped around on a pogo stick. Albums like "The More I Laugh, the Hornier Due Gets" and "A Million Planes To Fly" became classics in Dutch rock history and led the band abroad as support for Scottish love Texas. Late 90s, lead guitarist Toon Moerland decided to leave the band, remaining a trio yet. Henk Koorn is still on lead vocal and guitar, supported by Peter Konings on bass and former Fatal Flowers Henk Jonkers on drums. They released the 2000 album "I'm Not A Senseless Person, At Least I Don't Want To Be", followed by the live album "Gallons Of Gasoline". Main inspiration and references are still Neil Young and Dinosaur Jr, as Hallo Venray bases her songs on a dynamic American rock sound and a unique, recognizable voice. We had to wait quite some time for a new studio album, but it was worth while: "Vegetables and Fruit" can be compared with the best albums in HV-history. The album has been coproduced by Frans Hagenaars, who's known for many remarkable Excelsior Recordings-albums. Intimate and slow popsongs are being followed by dynamic, psychedelic guitar rock and will bring you to unknown spaces. In this unknown area, there's no better narrator than Henk Koorn, whose poetry reveals an English background. His lines are food for gourmands, varying from simple word twists to more intelligent statements. He's the captain on the ship regarding dynamics and melody, pushed forward by his strong and solid crew. The album will also contain very distinctive art work, always a feature of Hallo Venray. Regarding their tour, this band will show how to impress without trendy suits, loads of make up or a smashing light show; they will use the strength of songs, musical craftmanship and an intense way of performing, persuading crowd and critics that this band loves to play. For people who like to listen. Early 2008 Hallo Venray's new album will be released, accompanied by a club tour in Holland.