Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West

Released: 1997   fout melden
Top100: 2008

The Lonesome Crowded West is the third album recorded by indie rock band Modest Mouse (the secound released, but Sad Sappy Sucker was recorded before T.L.C.W. and T.iaL.D.fS.wN.tT.A. The album was released on Up Records on November 18, 1997, on both compact disc and vinyl LP. Many consider the album to be one of the best indie rock albums of the 90s: Pitchfork Media ranked it #29 in their list 100 Greatest Albums of the 1990s, and the song "Trailer Trash" number 63 in their list of the 200 Greatest Songs of the decade. Spin ranked it #59 in their list the 100 Greatest Albums, 1985–2005, and Entertainment Weekly included the album in their list The Indie Rock 25. The A.V. Club has described the album as the band's breakthrough recording. The two towers that adorn the album's cover are The Westin Seattle.

  1. Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
  2. Heart Cooks Brain
  3. Convenient Parking
  4. Lounge (Closing Time)
  5. Jesus Christ Was an Only Child
  6. Doin' the Cockroach
  7. Cowboy Dan
  8. Trailer Trash
  9. Out of Gas
  10. Long Distance Drunk
  11. Shit Luck
  12. Truckers Atlas
  13. Polar Opposites
  14. Bankrupt on Selling
  15. Styrofoam Boots / It's All Nice On Ice, Alright
  16. Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine
  17. Doin’ The Cockroach
  18. Styrofoam Boots / It’s All Nice On Ice, Alright

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