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Eluvium is and modern classical recording artist Matthew Robert Cooper who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Cooper, who was born in Tennessee and raised in Louisville, Kentucky before relocating to the Northwest, is known for blending various genres of experimental music including shoegaze, electronic, minimalist and piano. His albums often feature artwork and photographs by his wife, Jeannie Paske http://obsoleteworld.com/. Cooper has also teamed up with Charles Buckingham, with whom he has worked on the ambient video project titled Window Exchange, to produce the "unedited improvised basement minidisc recordings" of 'Concert Silence'. In the Fall of 2007, Concert Silence made 09.22.07 [2-3pm], a 51-minute, six part instrumental piece, available for free download at concertsilence.net Eluvium is currently signed to record label Temporary Residence Limited. Birth name: Matthew Cooper Born: Tennessee Origin: Portland, Oregon,Seattle, Washington Genre(s): Ambient Years active: 2003–present Label(s): Temporary Residence Limited

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