Emily Jane White

afbeelding Emily Jane White

Armed with little more than an acoustic guitar and her fragile alto, San Francisco folk singer/songwriter Emily Jane White offers complex tales of melancholy and isolation. While comparisons to contemporaries like Cat Power and Hope Sandoval are frequent, Emily's music owes a clear debt to classic female jazz and blues singers such as Billie Holiday. Emily's haunted blues quickly found a home on Oakland's Double Negative Records with them only hearing her 4-track demo. Fooling around with music since pre-school, Emily started on piano around the same time she learned to read, eventually picking up the guitar during her college days. After graduation Emily picked up and moved to Bordeaux, where she performed with a bevy of independent French artists further honing her songwriting skills. Upon returning stateside, she moved to SF and began recording 4-track demos formulating the songs that would ultimately become her debut album, Dark Undercoat.

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