Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen, (born 21st September 1934 in Montréal, Quebec, Canada) is a , and musician. His musical career has largely overshadowed his prior work as a poet and novelist, although he has continued to publish poetry sporadically after his breakthrough in the music industry. His first published book of poetry was, Let Us Compare Mythologies (1956). Musically, Cohen's early songs are based in music, in terms of both melody and instrumentation; from the 1970s, though, his work begins to show the influence of various types of popular and music. Since the 1980s he has typically sung in a deep bass register, accompanied by synthesisers and female backing vocals. Despite not embarking on a tour since 1993, Cohen was forced to go on the road in 2008, following the alleged misappropriation of over U.S. $5 million from his retirement by his longtime former manager, Kelley Lynch. This left him close to bankruptcy and Cohen's mammoth world tour lasted two and a half years and included 246 shows. Cohen's songs are often emotionally heavy and lyrically complex, owing more to the metaphoric word play of poetry than to established conventions of songcraft. His work often explores the themes of , , and complex interpersonal relationships. Cohen's music has become highly influential to other singer-songwriters, and more than a thousand cover versions of his works have been recorded. He is also popular in his native land, having been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and awarded the Order of Canada, the nation's highest civilian honour.

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