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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Mouse & the Traps, a band from Texas active in the late 60s, whose singles are collected on 'The Fraternity Years'. Their first single 'A Public Execution', was originally issued under the name 'Mouse', nickname of singer Ronnie Weiss. 2) Mouse is an an acoustic duo from London, England consisting of Martha Tilston and Nick Marshall, who made the albums 'Helicopter Trees' (2000) and 'Mouse Tales' (2001). 3) Mouse is an English jazz/rock band featuring guitarist Ray Russell, who made the album 'Lady Killer' (1973). 4) Mouse is singer/multi-instrumentalist Susan Margolis from Brooklyn, NYC, who made the album 'Poison Apple' (2003). 5) Mouse is a French electronic / artist Stella (or Estelle) Michelson (aka Auto-Psy) whose releases include: Halloween EP (1996), Mouse EP 6 (2000), Lick My Pussy EP (2004), and the compilation 'History 1995/1997 - The First Volume'. 6) Mouse is a female singer-songwriter named Meredith, her guitar, and her friends. 7) Watch, Japanese singer more known from his punk band THE SWANKYS/GAI, had a band called Mouse around 1990s that played banjo-country-oi-punk hybrid (with drum machine or zynth drums).

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