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Neal Casal is an American singer-songwriter, born November 2, 1968 in Denville, New Jersey. He has released several solo albums and from 2005-2009 was a very important part of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, with whom he was constantly touring and recording. Discography: Fade Away Diamond Time (1995) Rain, Wind and Speed (1996) Field Recordings (1997) The Sun Rises Here (1998) Black River Sides (With Kenny Roby) (1999) Anytime Tomorrow (2000) Basement Dreams (2001) Ran on Pure Lightning (With Shannon Macnally) (2003) Maybe California (2003) Leaving Traces (2004) Return In Kind (2004) No Wish to Reminisce (2006) All Directions (B-Sides, Demos, and Rarities) (2007) Roots and Wings (2009) Sweeten the Distance (2011) www.nealcasal.com www.cardinology.com

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