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Pedro the Lion was an indie rock band from Seattle, Washington, comprising David Bazan and TW Walsh. Because of the biblical references in many of their songs, Pedro the Lion were seen by some to be a Christian band, but they did not consider the band to be such. Pedro the Lion was formed by David Bazan in 1994 and released their debut EP Whole in April 1997. Despite the band's many lineup changes, Bazan remained the primary artist and musician behind the group, exemplified by his singing and playing every instrument on the band's first two full length albums, It's Hard to Find a Friend (1998) and Winners Never Quit (2000). All told, the band released four full-length albums as well as several EPs and various 7" singles. Throughout his career, Bazan has been involved with such musical acts as Damien Jurado, Scientific, The Six Parts Seven, TW Walsh's The Soft Drugs, Seldom and Unwed Sailor. He and TW Walsh, along with Frank Lenz of Starflyer 59, comprise the band Headphones. Pedro the Lion formally announced their split in early January 2006. However, the band name will still be used for their annual Christmas singles. The split was amicable; Bazan and Walsh continue to be good friends. In fact, Bazan has admitted that their friendship has even been strengthened by the breakup. After his current touring stint with the Undertow Orchestra, Bazan resumed recording his first solo project: an EP came out June 2006, and a full length album, Fewer Moving Parts. He has toured on this record, with such artist as Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie) & Mark Kozelek. Bazan currently resides in Seattle, Washington, with his wife and daughter. Walsh returned to his career as a web application developer and is working on his solo project, The Soft Drugs.

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