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Roommate is the name of at least two artists: 1) A Chicago band. 2) A pseudonym of Bay Area producer Justin McCaulley. 1) A Chicago experimental pop band, which began as the solo music project of Kent Lambert in 2000. He had just moved from Iowa City to Brooklyn, NY and started recording music in his apartment. In 2001, he relocated to Chicago & self-released the Celebs EP. In 2004, Roommate re-emerged as a live band. Work on the full-length Songs the Animals Taught Us began soon thereafter, and the album was self-released in the summer of 2005. A wide release on the Plug Research label followed in the spring of 2006 and was supported with a European tour and a few shows around the United States. Production on the New Steam EP began in late 2006 and the band continued recording steadily through the completion of its 2nd full-length, We Were Enchanted. Its third album Guilty Rainbow will be released in spring 2011. Lambert is the primary songwriter, but all members actively contribute to the live arrangements and recordings. Sites: roommatemusic.com 2) A pseudonym of dubstep producer Justin McCaulley (b. San Francisco, CA, USA) - representing the Bay Area dubstep movement since 2003. McCaulley is also a member of Babylon System & OSC. Sites: Discogs, MusicBrainz & mySpace.com/RoommateDub

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