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afbeelding duyster.3
[PIAS], 2008
Belgium's finest slowcore, indietronics, kraut- & postrock radioshow Duyster celebrated it's 5th anniversary with a fabulous deluxe 2 CD set containing a collection of Duyster classics (CD1) and the highlights of the intimite acoustic Duyster sessions (CD2). As the album exceeded everyone's expectations, commercially and artistically, a follow up was bound to come. Duyster.II even did better then the first volume. Both compils are sold out and are considered as true collectables among the fans. We are now happy to announce the release of volume 3! Once again Studio Brussel & [PIAS] are joining hands again to bring you another deluxe 2CD set full of unrestrained melancholy and deafening sweetness. ...Calm but Restless...