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  1. Wind's Dark Poem
  2. Through the Trees
  3. My Heart Is Not at Peace
  4. The Hidden Stone
  5. Wind Speaks
  6. Summons
  7. The Mouth of Sky
  8. Between Two Mysteries
  9. Ancient Questions
  10. (Something)
  11. Lost Wisdom Pt. 2
  12. Stone's Ode
  13. (wind lyrics)
  14. Summons (Acoustic)
  15. Lost Wisdom

Released: 2009
Essentials: 2009

Wind's Poem is the name of the fourth full-length album by Mount Eerie. It is largely inspired by black metal, and showcases Phil Elvrum in his "relatively newfound affinity for Xasthur and other lynchpins of the unholy genre." Read more on Last.fm.

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