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  1. Alison
  2. Machine Gun
  3. 40 Days
  4. Sing
  5. Here She Comes
  6. Souvlaki Space Station
  7. When the Sun Hits
  8. Melon Yellow
  9. Dagger
  10. Altogether

Released: 1993

Souvlaki is the second studio album by English band Slowdive, released on June 1, 1993, via Creation Records. The album's title was taken from a skit by comedy duo The Jerky Boys, where one of the duo prank calls a hotel manager asking him to perform sexual acts on his wife. Upon learning the manager is Greek, the caller says: "My wife loves that Greek shit... She'll suck your cock like souvlaki". On its initial release, Souvlaki peaked at number 51 on the UK Albums Chart and was greeted with tepid reviews from critics. It has since received retrospective critical acclaim and has been hailed as a classic of the shoegaze genre. Read more on Last.fm.

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