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  • For Times When Ears Are Sore (2008)
    1. For Times When Ears Are Sore
    2. There's a Light
    3. No Trees Up Here
    4. I Don't Know What I Want but I Do Know It Won't Come From You
    5. Feuchttücher
    6. No One Here to Hug
    7. A Room for Two
    8. Nurse the Child Within Me
    9. Don't drag dogs into bed, they carry diseases
    10. Hurry, Back To The Meal Mobile
    11. She Thought She Could Make Us Come

  • As If We Were Dancing (2011)
    1. The View Was Bad (That's Why)
    2. Undiscovered
    3. Dolly Parton
    4. When You Go Blind
    5. When I'm Awake I'll Handle It
    6. The Day I Met Laura Palmer
    7. You're Better Off
    8. Northorn
    9. Singalongsong
    10. Hole In The Ground